New beginning for children’s shelter

Baitul Ansaar Child and Youth Care Centre held a celebration last Friday after the centre relocated to Beacon Valley. From left, are Fahiema Bailey, Galima Small, Natalie Cupido, Lauren Swail, Moegsien Fredericks, Ellen Ludski and Jasmiena Hendricks.

A children’s shelter has relocated to new premises in Beacon Valley, and its staff and supporters got together last Friday to celebrate the move.

Baitul Ansaar Child and Youth Care Centre offers refuge and care to abused, neglected, abandoned and orphaned children, from infants to 5-year-olds.

Its new building, which is next door to the one it occupied previously, has four rooms and two nurseries. Each room has two bathrooms. The old building had only four rooms and two bathrooms.

“It was a confined space for the children. That would bother them at times as they could not use their own space according to their age group,” said Fahiema Bailey, the centre’s office manager.

“The children will now have their own rooms and personal space. They have freedom to move. Previously they would have to share beds and would be in each other’s spaces. The children will have access to a dining hall, couches in their rooms and their own bunk beds with a play area outside the centre,” she said.

The centre opened in 2008. In 2018 it was given the title deed for the premises it had long leased from the City of Cape Town (“Baitul Ansaar now land owners,” Plainsman, May 30, 2018).

The old building will be used to render a service to the community, said Ms Bailey.

The children moved into the new building on Monday October 19.

The centre gets no government funding and instead relies on support from donors.

Ms Bailey thanked everyone who had supported the centre over the years and noted that the staff played an important role in the children’s lives.

“We wish to thank our staff for the extraordinary work they do and the parts they play in every child’s life that passes through our doors.

“We appreciate the help of every person making our house a home.”

Email or call 021 376 7863 for more information.