Residents can use public open spaces

Bevil Lakay, Portland

A year later and we have not resolved the issue of the field in Westminster Road, Portland, which still plagues our community.

Granted, we are living in a time like never before with challenges that we have not encountered.

I was wondering if it was not possible to use this space for outdoor fitness classes.

In this time of Covid-19, indoor facilities are becoming a bit of a challenge for many wanting to resume fitness activities, such as boot camps, Zumba fitness and aerobics.

I know of at least two fitness clubs in our immediate community who would be able to use the space if it’s cleaned up and converted safely.

With this we can get the community involved in a fitness routine – a healthy community is a happy community, especially in our Covid-19 ridden country.

Also the converted space on some level, could serve as a deterrent for the current occupants and illegal activities.

I chatted to some members of our community and they think it could be a great idea.

The logistics of it could possibly be ironed out by those who know how we could cost effectively convert the space into a useful space for fitness classes and we will be heading into summer, making it the perfect time.

Again, we as a community are trying to become creative in wanting to not just deter the bad elements from using the space butd for us to use it constructively.

Dr Zahid Badroodien, mayoral committee member for community service and health, responds:

The City of Cape Town’s Recreation and Parks Department has a signed memorandum of agreement with Christ the Mediator Anglican Church and residents living in Westminster Road, where they have committed to establish a vegetable garden and take responsibility for development of the public open space for the benefit of the broader community.

Initially progress was made when the facility was fenced off, however, the fence was soon vandalised and poles set on fire which impacted the project negatively.

The department has also embarked on a study for the Area Based Investment Plan for development of community parks or public open spaces within Area South.

The community is welcome to submit proposals for development of the public open space to their local recreation and parks area office, where it will be considered as part of the long term planning strategy. For updates or enquiries in this regard call 021 400 3162 or email

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 79, responds:

Residents can use public open spaces.