Honouring women who show excellence

MEC for Social Development Albert Fritzs wife Dianne Fritz urges women to be united.

Rocklands library in partnership with the area’s ward councillororganiseda Women’s Day event in an effort to support and empower women.

At least 100 women from Ward 81 attended the event held at Rocklands civic centre last Wednesday.

Speakers at the event, the theme of which was “women in excellence”, urged women to be firm and stand for what they believed was right for them.

Ward 81 councillor Danny Christians said the purpose of the event was to give credit to women and make them feel appreciated.

“Today we want to honour our women and tell them that we love them.

“We want them to interact and share ideas. We also want them to stay strong and focused. There are women who are living their dreams today who are in managerial positions providing leadership to those women that are still climbing the ladder,” said Mr Christians.

He complained about inequality and described the country as male-dominated.

He noted, however: “There are some women who do businesses and they do contribute to our economy.

“And those women need to be respected like anyone else.”

Dianne Fritz, the wife of Social Development MEC Albert Fritz, described August as a special month for women. “This month is dedicated to us (women) and I want you to celebrate every day, 365 days a year.

“We must change the perception that women belong in the kitchen only. We all have equal opportunities.

“We can work on a building or road construction. We can also work in mines. We need to be bold and say no to be bullying by men,” said Ms Fritz.

She encouraged women to be independent and stop relying on men.

“We also encourage women to take whatever advice they receive here to implement where they live to uplift their societies. There is a hope for a bright future but only if, as women, we are united and support each other. We need to claim back our dignity,” she said.

Soraya Elloker, the Department of Health’s manager for area 4, which includes Mitchell’s Plain, Crossroads, Browns Farm, Masiphumelele and Ocean View, added: “It is a great event that needs to be acknowledged. It is educational and an appropriate platform for women to share their ideas.

“We also had the opportunity to educate them about problems that are facing women, including the danger of cervical cancer. And we encourage them to visit their nearest public clinic to test with a pap smear – and it’s free,” said Ms Elloker.

Senior librarian at Rocklands Library, Nonyaniso Kotyi, said there were groups of women who gathered at the library to “play and share their problems”.

“They sometimes come to watch DVDs and read books. We also encourage them to unite and stop putting each other down,” she said.

Resident Susan Platjies, 61, was among those at the event.

She described the event as exciting. “The atmosphere is great. We all also learnt about the danger of cervical cancer and were encouraged to go to the clinic to get examined,” she said.