K-Nine Die Hond to launch new music video

Portland rapper Marshelino Rossouw is known as K-Nine Die Hond.

After releasing his first mixtape, Beware Of The Dog, three years ago, Portland rapper Marshelino Rossouw known as K-Nine Die Hond, 25, has worked hard at his craft and will be launching the music video for You Ain’t Sshhh tomorrow, Thursday August 31, at Premium sports bar, in Westridge.

The single, which was released in February, was produced by Johannesburg artist and producer Diz.

The music video was filmed in Mitchell’s Plain.

“The video is about two guys arguing about different types of music… and saying that one is better than the other.

“We shot it in Mitchell’s Plain, because it is where I am from, and it is where hip-hop started (in Cape Town),” he said.

K-Nine said he had grown a lot over the past few years and had a son, who kept him inspired.

“My two-year-old son keeps me motivated. I want to show him that if you have a dream, you can chase it. Also people who listen to my music keep me going, and it is even better when they give me feedback,” he said.

The rapper has been making a name for himself, performing in and outside Cape Town, and is also the founder of Ghetto Fool Records (“Beware of ‘die hond’ from Portland” September 10, 2014).

When he released his first mixtape, one of the tracks on it, Ek Wil Jou Mind Blaas, got some radio play. The mixtape was also released in Holland, Canada, Germany, England and France.

K-Nine described himself as a “hardcore” but funny rapper.

“I am very real in my music, and it has a commercial touch. I also like to add some humour into it too, so that people can enjoy it,” he said.

K-Nine said his role models are 2Pac and Immortal Technique and locally he is inspired by Ready D and the late Mr Devious.

Speaking about his plans for the future, K-Nine said he was currently working on collaborations with other well-known artists and would be releasing a single featuring artists such as Diz and Isaac Mutant.

K-Nine said his music was currently playing on various radio stations and could be found on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Playstore.

“Gosh, it feels amazing to hear your music on radio, I have waited a long time for this. I hope people enjoy my music, because I enjoy making it,” he said.