‘Henry was dedicated to ’Plain’

Community activist and former councillor of Ward 81, Pastor Henry Busch, died on Friday January 13.

Well known for his passion and dedication to the community of Mitchell’s Plain, Mr Busch was buried at his church, Rehoboth, in Rocklands on Saturday January

Mr Busch was the chairman of Community Police Forum (CPF), on the executive committee of the Community Safety Forum (CSF) and was instrumental in establishing the Beaconvale Frailcare Centre in Beacon Valley in the 1990s. Messages of condolences have flooded Facebook over the past few days.

Peter Roman from the Romans Pentecostal Crusade said he had known Mr Busch for many years and would always remember him as a friendly and helpful person.

“Pastor Busch was involved in many activities and programmes in Mitchell’s Plain, such as the safety structures, the Arrive Alive campaign and Urban Renewal project. I saw him in December last year, still happy despite him being ill,” he said.

Norman Janjes, who was a ward councillor in 1996, said Mr Busch was a real community activist and cared about the community.

Mr Janjes knew Mr Busch through his involvement in the CPF ,CSF and Beaconvale centre.

“He was a committed person and could work with just about anyone.

“Mr Busch was humble, respectful and disliked conflict. He made a valuable contribution to Mitchell’s Plain and will be missed by many,” he said.

Chairman of the Lentegeur East Concerned Community Seniors’ Club and public relations officer for the Lentegeur Community Police Forum, Cassiem Gamiet, knew Mr Busch for 30 years as he too had served on the CPF and CSF.

“Mr Busch was passionate about the community and was always ready to help. He had a sense of humour and worked well with people. I would like to send my condolences to his family and wish them everything of the best,” he said.

Chairman of the Seaview Block committee Mogamat Jappie worked with Mr Busch many years ago on the Rocklands neighbourhood watch. “Hearing about his passing was very sad. He always put the community first and assisted them where he could. He was a true leader in the fight against crime. With him as our leader we had many successes. We even had the opportunity to sit in meeting with the government officials sharing our concerns directly to them, and he was the link towards that.He was a people’s person and was well liked by his community and church congregation in Rocklands,” he said.