Broken pavement upsets residents

The broken pavement in Moira Street, Tafelsig.

Tafelsig residents are unhappy about an unfinished and broken pavement in Moira Street, which people are using as a dumping site.

An angry Lizel Adams said when she opens her front door, she is faced with heaps of dirt.

“People throw their rubble and house dirt in the holes. I recall last year when the City of Cape Town fixed the pavements and stopped just before the road ended. The pavement kept breaking and the next thing we know, it became a dumping site,” she said.

Another resident, Glenda Palm, said people were not only using it as a dumping site but were also digging in the hole for sand too.

“The previous dumping spots were the field in Moira Street, but after complaining to the City, they found the owner and he fenced it off. Now people are using the pavement right next to the field. Something should be done about it,” she said.

Brett Herron, the City’s mayoral committee member for transport, said City officials visited the area on Thursday January 12 and found that the existing concrete sidewalk had been damaged due to the pavement layers underneath the 50mm concrete surfacing slab, subsiding.

“This resulted in the existing concrete slab breaking up. Arrangements have been made to repair the sidewalk. This should be completed before the end of the month.

“Tafelsig is part of the sandy area formal settlements cleansing programme serviced via contracted service providers. The last contract expired on December 31, and the new contract will resume on Wednesday February 1,” he said.

Mr Herron said the area was cleaned on an ad-hoc basis by the depot.

“The area was cleaned on Friday January 13 by the team and monitored from now onwards. Once the new contract commences the area will receive cleansing services at least weekly,” he said.