Fighting abuse

Imam Rashad Allen, from the Parkwood Foundation for Positive Change, addresses the crowd.

Members of the South African Religious Forum (SARF) Western Cape Chapter raised their voices against gender-based violence in Town Centre on Saturday July 4.

The peaceful demonstration kick-started their provincial campaign, which includes regular awareness drives and community-based intervention

“We believe that through diversity our organisation can play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges and associated results of this evil that plagues our communities and society on all levels,” read their statement.

As a faith-based organisation they are committed to fighting against the abuse of children, women and the elderly.

Elouise Rossouw, deputy chairperson of the provincial chapter, said they condemned all forms of “ungodly behaviour”, including gender-based violence.

She invited all interested parties to join them in the fight against this pandemic.

“Through partnerships and collaboration, we can overcome gender-based violence in the province and in SA,” said Ms Rossouw.

SARF is due to release its national strategy to address gender-based violence.