Boy still hopeful dog will return

Noby, from Rocklands, went missing moments after he was groomed at a parlour in Eastridge on Friday July 2018.

A Rocklands boy is still hopeful that Noby, his dog who went missing almost two years ago, will be returned home safely.

Ten-year-old Zie-ahn Abrahams, says, “If he is still out there, then we pray that he is safe. If not, then we pray that he did not suffer if something bad had happened to him.”

Noby ran away from an Eastridge parlour moments after being groomed on July 27 2018.

He used to play soccer with Zie-ahn. Two days later, he was last seen watching a group of boys play the sport in the road.

Zie-ahn’s neighbour gave the mixed-breed to the boy in November 2017 after the dog would visit their home “all of the time”.

There is a reward of R2 000 for his safe return.

The boy’s aunt, Bonny-lee Lucas, with whom he and his mom, Carmen, live took out an advertisement in the Plainsman.

She said they were still looking for Noby because they did not know what had happened to him.

Weeks after the medium-sized dog that resembles a Yorkshire terrier went missing, the parlour gave the family a puppy called Loki.

“My nephew was heartbroken about Noby, and we thought the new puppy would make him feel better,” Ms Lucas said.

Loki has since been sterilised and has a microchip, which Noby never had.

The family also have two cats, Milly and Mouly.

“I love my pets, and I would do anything to get Noby back,” said Ms Lucas.

“Noby was a house dog. He didn’t like sleeping outside. He loved having gravy over his food and would not eat the pellets without his gravy, “ she said.

Before lockdown, Ms Lucas volunteered at the SPCA in Grassy Park.

She said she saw how excited the animals were when there were visitors coming to the premises.

Anyone with information about Noby is asked to call Ms Lucas at 073 185 8695.