Drilling for water

■ The City of Cape Town is drilling in Strandfontein, Philippi, Wesbank, Bishop Lavis and Khayelitsha to look for the best points from where they can abstract water from the Cape Flats aquifer. Last week Mayor Patricia de Lille announced that the recent groundwater survey had confirmed that aquifers around Cape Town could deliver at least 150 million litres of water a day. However, Nazier Sonday, Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) campaigner, said aquifers need to be recharged. “No extraction from aquifers should take place without a plan to recharge them in a sustainable way. This should involve diverting of storm water and sewage for appropriate treatment and then to naturally filter back into the aquifers through the creation of recharge ponds,” he said. Speaking at the public Water Crisis Coalition meeting on Monday January 15 at Salt River community house, Mr Sonday said storm water and sewage must be recycled. “The discharge of sewage into the oceans must end. The re-use of storm water and sewage has the potential to save at least 100 million litres of water per day.”