Building tomorrow’s leaders

I allocated funds to facilitate a leadership camp for 30 pupils at primary schools in my ward – (which includes) Eastridge, parts of Beacon Valley, parts of Portland and the Town Centre.

Pupils from Imperial Primary School, Eastville and Littlewood camped at Zandvlei resort, in Muizenberg, from Friday February 24 until Sunday February 26.

Jerome September and Aisha Dollie, nature conservation officials, and their skilled team facilitated the camp.

I decided we should focus on children, who present leadership skills or potential at school.

We have for too long focused all of our energy on children, who have behavioural problems at school and forget to strengthen our children taking leadership in our community.

I believe it takes just one person to believe in you, for the possibility of a brighter future.

I attended Meadowridge Primary School, in Lentegeur, Beaconview Primary School, in Beacon Valley, and completed matric at Glendale High School, in Rocklands.

I remember teacher Rosalind Roman, who identified my leadership skills at school and gave me the opportunity to lead our Christian group at school.

I later got involved in leadership camps with Scripture Union and the rest is history.

As councillor, I believe we can strengthen our children’s leadership skills if we give them the opportunity.

The objective of the camp was to focus on leadership and exploring nature.

Activities included the formation of groups and how normal it is; night walks for pupils to face their fears; a Silvermine hike, for pupils to explore, connect with nature and build trust; and caving allowed the children to enter a dark and unknown space, which they were guided through by a skilled team.

Many of the pupils had fears but depended on each other instructions.

Only when they reached a torch did they feel comfortable again.

They also went canoeing, which focused on teamwork; water songs were written to remind them to save water; and teamwork was of paramount importance to create beautiful outfits and goods from recycled goods.

More than 90 percent of the children present had for the first time hiked, caved and canoed.

The children highlighted that they were challenged to endure and go the extra mile and not give up easily.

The children described the activities as adventurous and needed them to work together.