Entertainers give back

The Leadwood Seniors’ Club in Eastridge.

Two Eastridge entertainers held a fun day for residents of their community.

Artist Kashiefa Blaauw and talk show host of Engaged With Diamond, Danyal Diamond Zaal, grew up in the area and wanted to give back to the community.

Kashiefa said that every year they would visit Cape Town to watch the minstrel parade, which has been postponed this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We wanted to bring back hope after a really tough year and wanted to remind our community that, in the little bit of fun we offered them, they should remain hopeful that things will get better and it will be alright,” she said.

Of course, she added, they ensured their event was held in line with Covid protocols and that everyone adhered to them.

Danyal said the event took the form of a soccer tournament on the Leadwood field, Eastridge, with performances by local artists.

Artists included Waseef Piekaan, Mehnaaz Carelse, Denzil Jacobs, and social media influencer Tasneema “Kerrim Metty Merrim”, with Danyal acting as the master of ceremonies.

Artist Kashiefa Blaauw and talk show host Danyal Diamond Zaal hosted the fun day.

The winning soccer team, “Teak FC”, won a cash prize of R1 000.

“We can only foresee it will grow bigger by next year. We are grateful for the people coming out and setting up their stalls,” he said.

However, said Kashiefa, the field had been a challenge to clean.

“We felt it important to host it on the field. We want to bring about change as nothing is happening on this field so let’s start here, and come together for the festive spirit,” she said.

Chairperson of the Leadwood Seniors’ Club and community worker, Beatty Roberts, said the day was very important for the community.

“We can use the field and make the field active. This is the second time we are hosting an event like this and would like to have more. We always do this out of our own pockets as we are doing this for the children and the youth,” said Ms Roberts.