Hearty meals

Beatrice Leng and Wendy Williams made their kitchens available to cook in, while Thelma Adams, Deidre van Rooyen, Zelda Abrahams and other neighbours pitched in to help distribute the food.

Collecting clothes for children

One hundred orphans and underprivileged children will be recipients of these clothing packages.

Food parcels

Charlotte Williams handed 100 food parcels to religious leaders in honour of her husband Dennis.

Flashbacks of 40 years of firefighting

Lakeside Station Commander, Randall Williams, said Ronald Jacobs was an inspiration to all and a natural leader.

Face masks: what you need to know

The Department of Health has issued guidelines for using masks.

Mother’s Day lunch

Harmony Rising served Mother’s Day lunch to more than 200 women.

Feeding the vulnerable

HandiAfrica relies on the personal contributions of volunteers and are now also reaching out to the government.

NGO launches food project to help those in need

Unchain the Plain 7785 started the UTP Project Food Chain in January.

Schools prepare to resume acamedic year

Schools will reopen on Monday June 1 and classes will be split to fit fewer pupils in a class so that there are fewer children in the classes.

Five stage of fasting in the body

Roshan Abrahams recounts what happened to her body during fasting.