Youth taught to resurrect ‘dead’ phones


Fifteen Mitchell’s Plain youngsters have been equipped with the skills needed to become a cellphone technician, and are ready to fix damaged cellphones.

After completing a five-day repair course, the youngsters received their certificates and a starter kit on Friday April 22 at Northwood community hall. Training facilitator Jeffrey Petersen said it had been a pleasure to work with the youngsters as they had remained dedicated and persevered. He said the trainees were now equipped to use cellphone repair tools, fix dropped or water-damaged phones and to replace damaged cellphone parts.

The money used for the training and equipment came from Ward 88’s ward allocation funding and the City’s directorate of social development.

Ward councillor Pat Pietersen said the aim of the course was to equip youngsters with skills and provide them with the relevant tools to kick-start their own businesses.

“It is important to invest in our young people; they are the future. Now that they have the skills they need to put them into practice and empower themselves. The total amount used for the training was R50 000 and we are hoping that they take care of the equipment and use their skill to help the community.

“We are asking the community to support these youngsters; they are keen and very excited about their new skill,” he said.

Ghillian Barnes, 25, from Lentegeur said he is grateful for the opportunity and will be fixing phones immediately to support his family.

“We are bringing dead phones to life. Ah, isn’t that fun? It was an interesting course and I am happy that I was given the opportunity to participate.

“For me this is an achievement and I will make use of the skills. Thank you to Mr Pietersen for his patience and for teaching us the basics. We will not let you down,” he said.

Lyne Wolfaardt, 19, from New Woodlands, who was the only girl in the group, said she enjoyed the course as it was something different. “It was a unique experience and I have learnt so much about fixing a cellphone. I was the only female but that didn’t stop me from completing and achieving my goal. I would like to encourage more women to participate in the course. Come ladies, lets show men we are just as good!” she said.