Youth learn about health and wellness at Blaqpearl Foundation workshop

Blaqpearl Foundation held a workshop for young people on health, wellness and identity on Thursday June 30.

Blaqpearl Foundation held a workshop for young people on health, wellness and identity on Thursday June 30.

Plainsman walked into a yoga session with the youth. Some of them did not know what yoga was but were open up to being healthy and understanding how their body works.

In front is Roots and Raw’s Natalie Hurling teaching yoga.

The group was given beetroot seedlings to nurture and grow at home as part of the gardening section of the programme, and also received certificates and sanitiser.

The group walking through the garden to learn more about planting seedlings.

The workshop was held at the Alliance Française in Portland that also presented the gardening part of the programme.

Janine Overmeyer, founder of the Blaqpearl Foundation, said they’ve focused on culture and creative workshops as part of their Youth Month activities. They also screened the show Afrikaaps.

“We’ve really worked with different organisations to make a fun packed and full day programme for the youth so that they can learn. They don’t usually know about these aspects or learn them so we’re giving them different types of health and wellness information,” she said.

“I’m very excited. I’m always thankful to serve the community with the knowledge and skills I have. When we put out the call to the community and the youth respond we feel fulfilled in what we do. Just being able to share our skills with the youth makes us very happy,” said Ms Overmeyer.

The wellness session was led by co-founders of Roots and Raw Natalie Hurling and her husband Aurbon Hurling.

Ms Hurling told the youth when they are experiencing stress and anxiety they should always remember to breathe, so that they may be able to handle their challenges.

Aurbon Hurling, co-founder said they are definitely grateful that they could bring this to the youth and teach them about anxiety and stress and their health so that they can manage their emotions. “At times they’re very confused these days and this can help them cope with the stresses of life as well as examination time.”

The Department of Social Development also attended as stakeholders who support and fund their programmes. The Eden Community Outreach from Portland also collaborated on Thursday.

“Thank you to DSD, the City of Cape Town and all those who’ve played a part in this day being a success and teaching our children how to be healthy and information on wellness,” said Ms Overmeyer.

Carla Sobotker, 15, Westridge, said surprisingly the programme was fun and relaxing there was no pressure to be there. Her dad told her about the programme.

“Yoga was the best part and I’m into physical fitness and this was a better approach. Never took it seriously but there is a deeper meaning to it.”

Keenan Sobotker, 20, from Westridge, enjoyed the singing, poetry and the yoga and said being healthy is very important.

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