Women learn to be entrepreneurs

The graduates with their certificates.

Twenty five women have graduated from a nail-technician training course run by the Blaqpearl Foundation.

The graduation ceremony was held at the non-profit company’s Portland office earlier this month.

Janine Overmeyer, the founder of the Blaqpearl Foundation, said 163 women had signed on for the free training, which had been made possible with a grant from the Wolfgat Sub-council.

The training is continuing for the other women who have signed on. They are being trained in groups of 10 to 12 to accommodate physical distancing.

“We must make a positive impact and encourage unemployed people to do more about their situation,” Ms Overmeyer said at the graduation ceremony.

She spoke about the benefits of running one’s own business and said she had never worked for a boss.

“I use my experience, knowledge, passion and create my own work,” she said. “It’s important to be your own boss. It may not be as easy as you think, it will take hard work. The choice is in your hands.”

Course trainer Tertia Goliath said the participants had made her proud. “They have advanced really quickly in the programme. The first step isn’t always easy but do not be afraid to take the next step.”

Biance Ruiters, 30, and Cheryl Eksteen, 31, were chosen as the top-two participants in the seven-day programme, and both women said they had learnt a great deal from the experience. Ms Overmeyer said some of the trainees had started finding clients and generating an income before they had even completed the course.

For more information on the Blaqpearl Foundation’s programmes, email blaqpearl foundation@gmail.com or call 062 206 1310.