’We should be treated with respect at clinic’

Strandfontein clinic management are investigating allegations that a security guard manhandled a patient at the facility.

The Strandfontein clinic management is investigating allegations that a security guard at the facility manhandled a patient.

Percy Kelly, of Strandfontein, says he was at the clinic for a Covid test on Wednesday August 11 when he saw the guard get into a scuffle with another man who had come for a test.

“I approached the man and the security guard. I asked the security guard what he was doing with the poor man. The man had no strength to fight back, but he did not deserve to be handled like that,” said Mr Kelly.

He called for the guard to be removed from the clinic.

“It is not fair that we, as patients, are treated like this. We need to be treated with care and with respect.”

Heather Martin, of Lansdowne, said she had visited the clinic earlier that same morning and had seen a guard manhandling a patient waiting in the line for a Covid test.

“I could see the patient, who was very sick, was in a scuffle with the security guard. He did not have the strength to fight back. It wasn’t pleasant to see this happen in a public place,” she said, adding that a clinic nurse had stopped the “fight”.

“The security guard is unprofessional. Is it because the services are free that we are treated like this?”

The clinic’s spokeswoman, Kelebogile Shuping, said the incident was being investigated, the security guard had been removed in the interim and the facility manager Joseph Socutshana would talk to the affected patient.

“We regret the negative experience suffered by the affected client and have ensured the appropriate actions are taken to eliminate any further disruptions in services provided,” she said.

Covid testing was from 9am to 3pm at the clinic and those having the test had to be over 45 with comorbidities or in a “cluster environment”, she said, noting that criteria were displayed at the facility. Others who did not meet the criteria for testing but screened positive should quarantine.

“It is advisable to engage with the facility manager on site regarding any dissatisfaction with services provided. Each facility has a complaints, compliments or a suggestion box and clients are encouraged to make use of this process and to contact the numbers as displayed in the facility,” she said.

Mayoral committee member for community services and health Zahid Badroodien said the clinic manager was investigating and corrective measures would be taken.

Patients should sick to their appointment times to avoid bottlenecks at the facility, he said.

Clinic manager Joseph Socutshana can be contacted at 021 393 0124.