Thank you for going the distance

Nigel Savel - Founder of 9Miles Project and Ward 43 Councillor, Elton Jansen.

Nigel Savel, 9Miles Project, Strandfontein

Congratulations to the Plainsman on your 40th anniversary.

Thank you for going the distance with the 9Miles Project and for keeping us abreast of all the community news.

Since our inception, the Plainsman has been instrumental in creating amazing exposure for our youth and community development organisation which is based in Strandfontein.

From our launch event in 2013, to our annual Surf Challenge, Acoustic Sunset Sessions at Strandfontein Pavilion, and Activate Youth Conference, you’ve always been there to cover all our special events.

Six years down the line, we have grown our programmes and projects for vulnerable youth from impoverished communities, have expanded from Strandfontein to the West Coast and Eastern Cape, and have grown from seven to 90 children.

You have helped us to tell our stories, celebrate our achievements and to grow our support base. And we are very grateful for the support.

Here’s to the next 40 years.