Suspect nabbed after getaway car crashes

The suspects crash into other vehicles while attempting to getaway.
A woman was arrested in connection with a robbery in Mitchell’s Plain on Saturday June 22.

Teenagers from Westgate were approached by three suspects, who were in a white Nissan 400, and robbed them of their cellphones.

A resident, who witnessed the incident, alerted authorities.

Members of the neighbourhood watch, a local security company and auxiliary law enforcement officers followed the vehicle in Morgenster Road where it crashed into several vehicles while trying to get away.

On the corners of Jakes Gerwel Drive and Morgenster Road the vehicle spun out of control and came to a stop.

Two men managed to get out and ran off into the bushes.

Law enforcement spokesman, Wayne Dyason, said: “A female suspect who sustained injuries in the crash was found in the bakkie and subsequently placed under arrest by law enforcement. She was positively identified by the victims.”

One of the cellphones was recovered.

“The vehicle was fitted with false registration number plates and has reportedly been seen on a number of occasions in the area, which has experienced a number of similar crimes,” said Inspector Dyason.

The South African Police Service will look into whether these incidents can be linked to the suspect.

The suspect was taken to hospital where she was declared fit to be detained. She then tried to escape by jumping over the counter, but was quickly apprehended by the officers.