Stolen water meters cause chaos

Left: Thieves stole water meters in various parts in Rocklands.

Thieves wanting to score a quick buck stole the water meters from residents in Maryland and Phantom roads and Sea Otter Way in Rocklands last week, resulting in temporary flooding.

Jenny Johnson who stays at 69 Sea Otter Way in Rocklands said her geyser and that of her next door neighbour had been damaged following the theft which took place, in the early hours, of Thursday January 26.

“We were woken up at 4am in the morning after we heard a noise outside. If my son can’t fix the geysers himself; we are going to have to claim from our insurance.

“My taps are leaking and I will have to replace the taps’ washers.”

Her neighbour Hettie Felaar who lives across the way, said at 3.50am another neighbour called her after he heard the drains being lifted.

“They cut the pipes so neatly and the next day we had to collect buckets of water from the street as it overflowed from the manhole.”

Ms Felaar said her husband alerted the police to the theft and that the municipality replaced the meters with plastic ones the following day.