Shop owner caught burying rotten viennas

A vehicle stuck in the beach sand. Picture: City of Cape Town
Three men were caught dumping rotten viennas on the beach in Strandfontein yesterday.

The trio were spotted by Law Enforcement Marine Unit officers who were patrolling along the Lukannon Drive.

The officers noticed a white panel van stuck in the beach sand and immediately approached the men who were trying to extricate the vehicle.

The officers were greeted by the stench of rotting meat. They also discovered that the driver had driven illegally on the beach where he had dug a hole and buried viennas in the sand.

The officers impounded the vehicle and fined the owner, who has a shop in New Woodlands, R5 000 for dumping, R2 000 for driving on the beach and to retrieve the impounded vehicle will cost a further R7 500.