Schools benefit from Mandela Day initiative

The Littlewood Primary School cricket team with JP Duminy, Proteas cricket player and founder of the JP21 Foundation, at their assembly.

Former Strandfontein resident and Proteas cricket player, JP Duminy and his JP21 Foundation and PPC teamed up on Wednesday July 17 to refurbish the boys’ toilet at Littlewood Primary School in Eastridge and hand over a new cricket pitch to Hyacinth Primary School in Lentegeur, as part of their contribution for Mandela Day

The JP 21 Foundation has been involved in the Mitchell’s Plain community for four years, running primary school cricket leagues in the community.

“The great thing about it is that it’s not only about sport but about giving back,” JP told the Plainsman. “It was quite devastating to see the state the toilet was in before we started refurbishing it. We are blessed to have partnered with those involved in making this initiative a success,” he added.

Max Vries, principal at Littlewood Primary, said they want to give back the dignity their children require. “Walking into a toilet that is clean is a good feeling, and we will keep it clean. Our learners deserve the best, and we are thankful for this kind gesture.”

Cedric Anyster, pincipal at Hyacinth Primary, said the new cricket pitch comes with many responsibilities and opportunities. “We will hopefully be making lifelong friends with our new pitch. We take pride in our school, we come to learn and we leave to serve. Thank you to everyone in making this a success.”

They have started the #HELP initiative (Hyacinth Education Lifeskills Project) where they will take care of the maintenance of the school, the new pitch and the general school areas.

Eddie Andrews, former Springbok rugby player and Ward 78 councillor, said Mandela Day is an opportunity to give back, while Johan Vorster, head of coastal business unit for PPC, said he was humbled to be at the two schools on Wednesday.

Quoting Madiba, JP said: “Nelson Mandela said sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire the youth of the next generation. This means that I have a responsibility and a duty as a professional sportsman to adhere to that. I played with my country for 15 years, and coming back to the place I grew up is important to me. Nelson Mandela has left a legacy and as sports men and women we need to leave our mark as well.”