’Sandwich rush’ at Northwood Primary

Northwood Primary School in Woodlands hosted a sandwich rush, at which they fed the pupils and children from the community.

It was hosted by care and support assistant David Merkeur who has been placed at the school for a year to focus on facilitating programmes for orphans and vulnerable pupils, community projects, awareness activities such as anti- bullying and networking to gain support for the school through the Department of Social Development.

“Feeding a child does not only fill them but allows them to focus better in school and by doing this, we want to inspire more schools to follow our lead and be the change we want to see,” he said.

In line with the school’s vision, they want to develop pupils holistically by providing a safe learning environment where teaching and learning are optimised, he said. “That’s exactly what we have been working on – to be the change and to see the change.

“It’s easy to make a buck but not a difference. Now we challenge the concept of making a difference by not giving up,” said Mr Merkeur.