Residents march against violence

The parents of the deceased young people who died due to gun violence and crime, from left, Chad Arendse's mother Natasha Arendse, Jamie-Lee Jacobs's mother Rhoda Jacobs and Chad Basson's father, Cornelius Basson.

Three hundred and fifty people took to the streets of Mitchell’s Plain to march against gang and gun violence in their respective communities and to mourn the death of innocent victims of this violence.

Camorin Du Plessis, 16, from Portland who hosted the march and who advocates for the movement #capelivesmatter said it was important that the community came together.

He said they trusted the officials who were voted into office to help the deceased and their families.

“It is not good if the justice system is failing my generation, we must stand up for the voiceless, he said.”

Cornelius Basson, the father of Chad Basson, who was shot at a 21st birthday party, just a few houses away from his Lentegeur home, said he was grateful to the young man who had brought them all together.

“It is important that we make people conscious of what we face, what we have to live through daily.

Other youngsters are also affected by this problem, just like little Tazne Van Wyk. We must take a stand as this is not acceptable.”

Mr Basson said no one had yet been arrested in connection with Chad’s death as yet and that, as grieving families they are trying to do their bit and stand together, to support each other.

Lentegeur resident Akeefa Abrahams, 21, a family member of Chad Basson, said they wanted justice for all of those who had died.

“Their voices cannot be heard and we are here to make a difference on their behalf.”

March supporter Salama Pearson, 50, from Portland explained why she supported the initiative.

“It can be anyone of our children. Today we may see them, tomorrow we may not. It is important that we support this cause and help those who need it.”

If anyone would like to help sponsor his next event email Camorin at or follow their Facebook page at Cape Lives Matter for more information.