Residents collect their wills

Fifty-two community members received free wills on Thursday November 1 after having been helped to draft them during National Wills Week in September.

Between September 17 and 21 they had been offered free assistance with drafting their wills by Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (MURA) and the Eastridge-based
C De Cerff & Associates law firm.

Diana Bunding, 65, from Lentegeur said: “I am grateful for the lawyers helping us older folk. It is so important for a person to (have) a will, especially if there are children involved.”

Ms Bunding’s husband, Leonard Bunding, 69, from Lentegeur added: “In the community we live in, a lot of people need to invest in having a will especially if their parents or caregivers pass on.

“It becomes a sticky situation when there is no will, which makes families split up in some cases.”

Nolien Adams, 53, from Rocklands said she drew up her will with her eldest son and daughter, aged 31 and 15 respectively, in mind.

“Over time you will realise how you are able to make decisions and decide what you would like in your will and what is important to you.”

MURA chairman Norman Jantjes reiterated that it can cause division in a family if someone dies without a will which clearly outlines what should be done with their belongings.

“We grabbed the opportunity in National Wills Week this year to help those who need wills.”