Reaching for the stars

Filmaker Rae Human from Strandfontein produces her own content in an online web series called Pittekoppe.

As a teen, Rae Human, from Strandfontein, imagined herself on a movie set – now years later she is writing and directing her own content in the industry.

The talented scriptwriter always enjoyed watching movies as a child and remembers the first movie she watched at the age of three: The Lion King.

“When I was younger, I watched movies all the time and remember going to the bioscope in the Town Centre and Westgate Mall. Somehow, I always wanted to get involved in the industry. I wasn’t sure what, but something,” she said.

Rae, 25, attended Star of the Sea in St James and Muizenberg High School. At high school she got involved in the film club where they went to the cinema and did film reviews. She then studied Film and Media at the University of Cape Town where she graduated with a degree.

Rae now works at an independent film company, Azania Rizings, and produces her own content in an online web series called Pittekoppe.

“It covers the condition of being coloured in Cape Town. From our identity crisis, hair politics, the nature of trauma and getting over it as well as how we have had to suppress our identity to fit in.

“I think that it is important to tell our stories and through film, I am able to give a voice to people. Give them an opportunity to express their views and not allow people and the media to control their narrative,” she said.

Other projects she has worked on include environmental films.

Speaking about her typical day as a filmmaker, she said it was hard work and challenging being in a competitive industry. “It is tough, but worth it, I don’t see myself doing anything else. As a filmmaker I write, shoot, edit, upload and hope that people enjoy and find the content interesting,” she said.

Her goal is to work in New York in the film industry.

“One day I hope to produce or make a blockbuster. I know it will require me to work hard, and I am willing to do so. My advice to youngsters out there is to persevere, and focus on your goals,” she said.