Pupils put talent on display

Hlengiw Tyiki, from Heinz Park, Andisiwe Mfikile, from Westridge, and Simanye Tyikik, from Heinz Park, dance to the music.

Dance moves, voice trebles and bobbing to the beat were all part and parcel of Woodlands High School’s talent competition.

Peer educators with the support of staff and Janine Overmeyer, care and support assistant, united the school and gave pupils a platform to showcase their talents on Thursday October 19.

Ms Overmeyer said it was fundraiser for a group of pupils to go on an excursion and for the school’s awards ceremony.

Pupils came to school dressed in civvies, for which they had to pay R5, and the tuck shop was stocked with donations from pupils.

“We want to give the pupils an alternative to violence, bullying, drugs and gangsterism,” she said.

Pupils were tasked with performing in their class groups, motivating them to work as a team.

Trish Sibanda, a peer educator, said: “It was fantastic to see the pupils perform. It was like a show.”