Programme to keep children busy

Jodi Jonathan, 13, and Caitlyn Craig,11. With them is Tamlyn Wort,12, all from Tafelsig.

In an attempt to keep Tafelsig pupils off the streets, away from gangsterism and drugs this school holiday the Williams family has roped in various partners and sponsors.

Joseph Williams, chairman of J&A Sports Academy, said the children should be kept busy and fed instead of seeking companionship and comfort from gangs.

They have a packed holiday programme scheduled for the children from Monday June 17 until Friday June 28.

“They shoot here every day,” Mr Williams said.

He said there were various gangs operating in the area and that children were falling prey to the gangs, who are identified by the clothing they wear.

His daughter Nikita Williams, secretary of the academy, said they had a passion to care for the children.

“We want to keep children off the streets, away from gangsterism and drugs. If we don’t care for them then what is going to happen to them?” she said.

She said that on Tuesday May 28, the children could not leave Huguenot Primary School, when they were dismissed because there was shooting in the area.

Ms Williams said she had heard of children throwing stones further down the road from them, but now they were throwing stones at each other close to their home (“Teens call a truce,” Plainsman, January 24).

“We just need to let the children know that they are loved and cared for,” she said.

The academy operates every day, with Mr Joseph coaching the school’s marching and drilling squad, and anyone who knocks on their door is fed and cared for.

Ms Williams’s mother, Cynthia, is the cook, and her sisters and boyfriend all get roped in to help during annual holiday programmes and when they go on outings.

The City of Cape Town’s fire and rescue services, disaster risk management and Tafelsig Matrix clinic will be hosting sessions during the two-week holiday programme.

For more information, to volunteer or to donate, call Ms Williams at 078 782 6297.