Portland teachers pampered

Enjoying their pampering session are, back from left, pupil Mecah Bestman and student teacher Shahieda Isaacs. In front, from left, are pupil Nezha Khalied and student teacher Maimoonah Karan.

Teachers dance for fitness. In front is principal Ridwaan Williams.

The teachers and staff of Portland High School were pampered on Wednesday September 8. The school’s governing body hosted the day, said principal Ridwaan Williams.

“The high level of absenteeism, keeping up with the workload, and staying safe from the Covid-19 is difficult for all teachers and staff.,” said governing body chairperson, Bradley Geduldt .

“Through this event we are saying we see the sacrifice they make to make everything work,” he said.

Due to the pandemic after-hours online learning has encroached on teachers’ time with their families, Mr Geduldt said.

“Many have passed on and it does affect them emotionally and psychologically,” said Mr Geduldt.

Governing body treasurer and coordinator, Latiefa Jardine said: “They are under immense pressure. Before the examination period started, we wanted to make the teachers feel special.”

Teacher Joshua Wakefield said the event was a relief and made him feel “stress free”.

Another teacher, Bridgette Daniels, said the event was “awesome”.

“It’s important that your mental well-being is looked after as a teacher. If your mental state is well and healthy, you can give back so much more. Once we feel relaxed, we have a positive mind which we can take back with us to the classroom,” said Ms Daniels.