Plainsman poll: Town Centre

More than 650 Plainsman Facebook page followers responded to a poll in which we asked whether they still shopped at the Town Centre. By noon yesterday, Tuesday April 17, we received 652 votes. Here are some of the comments:

Carmiella Carelse said it was cheaper than other shopping centres.

“It’s not that bad in Town Centre. There are bargains for veggies as it is cheaper. Yes, it becomes packed with people but I love it. To see the people full of energy at the stalls shouting out how cheap the veggies are.

“Nothing bad has ever happened to me and I hope nothing will. I’m sorry for what happened to the other people, it’s sad to read what people say about our old Town Center.”

Abdullah Black said: “People are being robbed on a daily basis, losing their hard-earned valuables and money.

“Drugs are being sold in broad daylight while securities are taking bribes as little as R5 from foreigners. While police are patrolling they would turn a blind eye towards the crimes being committed.”

Nabs Sterris said: “It’s sad that what once was the pride of Mitchell’s Plain has become a place that most residents would avoid.”

Danielle Nel said: “Town Centre is also helping small businesses grow and provide for their families. The police need to be more visible to aid in the prevention of crime.”

Hadjira Sydow said: “It’s a hidden gem. Should be promoted more often for it’s positive vibe, rather than dwelling on the negativity.

“Yes, there are some unsavoury characters about, but you find them around every corner, whether in Cavendish, Promenade, Canal Walk, etc. They just appear in different costume. So let us not be too quick to throw in the towel. You still get the best deals, and not to mention best koesisters. So I’d say, give it another chance. We are too hasty to give up.”

The poll will be available for readers to vote and comment until tomorrow, Thursday April 19.