’Plain residents slate City’s draft budget

Pictured seated in front, from left, are Michael Jacobs, deputy chairman of Mitchells Plain United Residents Association, Nigel Williams, from Tafelsig, and Sulyman Stellenboom, from Tafelsig Activists Forum.

Mitchell’s Plain residents do not know how they will cope, should the City of Cape Town’s proposed 2018/19 budget be implemented.

They attended a presentation and discussed the budget in break-away groups, according to wards, at the Wolfgat Sub-council offices, in Lentegeur, on Saturday April 14.

Michael Jacobs, deputy chairman of the Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (MURA), said the budget was anti-poor. “It is necessary for the City to engage with us, the community, so that we can relook some of these increases,” he said.

Nigel Williams, from Tafelsig, pointed out that R5 096 705 650 (almost R5.1 billion), which is 55% of the City’s capital budget is due to be spent on informal settlements, water and waste services.

He said introspection was needed. “We need to look at what are needs are. What is the outcry of the community?” he asked.

Eddie Andrews, mayoral committee member for area south, said according to the proposed budget for Mitchell’s Plain, R1.8 million is due to be spent on operating ward allocations; capital ward allocations are at R1.6 million; and R5.9 million for council rental unit (CRU) upgrades.

A total of R400 000 has been set aside to extend and upgrade Tafelsig clinic within the next three years; with R60 million having been set aside for an upgrade on Eastridge’s main sub-station in the 2020/21 financial year.

Grants-in-aid for the sub-council total R405 000, while R4.8 million has been set aside for about 223 job opportunities; R400 000, per area for gangsterism and substance abuse prevention programmes; and R20 million has been allotted to the deployment of facilities’ protection officers at various sports and recreation facilities to prevent vandalism, across the metropole.

Breakdown of proposed ward allocation projects:

Eddie Andrews, councillor for Ward 78 (Westridge, parts of Westgate, parts of Portland, parts of Rocklands) has allocated:

R210 000 to be spent on the upgrade of the Stephen Reagon sports complex;

R40 000 for equipment at Westridge library;

R45 000 for a capacity building initiative;

R30 000 for neighbourhood watch protective gear;

R10 000 for an HIV/Aids awareness workshop; and

R10 000 for a debating competition hosted at Westridge library.

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 79 (the area west of Oval East Street to Epsom Crescent and Lords Street, south of Oval North Street and Trampoline Street, east of AZ Berman Drive and north of Imperial Street), Portland – south of Wespoort Drive, east of Merrydale Street and north of Oxford Street, Trafalgar Way, Cambridge Street and the railway line) has allocated:

R40 000 towards sports equipment at hubs;

R100 000 for the fencing of public open spaces;

R100 000 for the upgrade of Leadwood Park, in Eastridge;

R110 000 for capacity building initiatives;

R40 000 for sports programmes at hubs;

R100 000 for job creation;

R50 000 for the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children; and

R10 000 for health awareness programmes.

Danny Christians, councillor for Ward 81 (Rocklands, south of Chat Road and Portland, west of the railway line, Fifth Avenue, Cambridge Street, Trafalgar Way, Oxford Street, Oxford Road and Merrydale Avenue, south of Westpoort Drive, east of Eisleben Road and north of Spine Road) has allocated:

R300 000 for the upgrade of parks;

R150 000 for job creation;

R90 000 for capacity building initiatives;

R10 000 for HIV/ Aids awareness;

R10 000 for cancer awareness workshop; and

R30 000 for environmental awareness.

Sheval Arendse, councillor for Ward 82 (Tafelsig, west of Waboomberg Close, Pappagaaiberg Close, Baviaanskloof Street, Bokkeveld Avenue, Olifantshoek Street, Waaihoek Street, Tafelberg Street, Theronsberg Street, Langeberg Avenue, Piketberg Street, Keeromberg Street, Cedarberg Street, Huguenot Street and the western parts of Wolfgat Nature Reserve) has allocated:

R10 000 for equipment and R20 000 for books and material for libraries;

R80 000 for the upgrade of Stromboli Park, in Tafelsig;

R330 000 for the upgrade of Mountain Park, in Tafelsig;

R350 000 for the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in Ward 82;

R200 000 for job creation;

R32 000 for a sports day programme;

R100 000 for life skills youth camp;

R163 000 for skills capacity building for youth;

R65 000 for capacity building initiatives;

R60 000 for smoke alarms for backyard dwellers; and

R20 000 for neighbourhood watch protective gear.

R20 000 for equipment at Tafelsig clinic.