Petition for speed humps

Elise Joshua pointing to where residents are proposing a speed hump be installed in Casino Street.

The residents of Casino Street and Snooker Close in Beacon Valley are so fed up with cars driving recklessly down the streets, that 85 people have signed a petition calling for the City to install four speed humps in the roads. Elise Joshua said that her Vibracrete wall had been driven into many times by cars zooming around the corner.  “They drove into my wall twice. They speed into the road. The houses are close to one another. A child was knocked over as the car came around the bend,” said Ms Joshua. Community worker Zainab Jones said she had contacted ward councillor Michael Pietersen’s office early in 2018 but had had no response to the petition, which she had set up. “These cars are coming around the bend very fast and that is a concern for us. The speed humps will help with traffic calming.” Mr Pietersen confirmed that he had received the request for traffic calming measures. “We are waiting for (the City’s) Transport and Development Authority (TDA) to investigate whether speed humps are needed. Based on the feedback, we’ll be able to act accordingly,” he said.