Parkour keeps youth fit and healthy

The Tafelsig parkour crew.

Now, a group of youth have formed a parkour crew in the area to keep fit, healthy and off the streets.

Parkour is a form of physical training that developed from military obstacle course training and includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and quadrupedal movement.

Member of the crew Tashreeq Scholtz, 23, from Tafelsig, said crew members eat and sleep parkour and are always eager to attend the training sessions.

The group, established in January, consists of 30 members and is based at the Swartklip Indoor Sports Centre in Tafelsig.

“Our community is infested with drugs and gangsterism. We do not want to be part of something negative, but something positive instead,” he said.

Another crew member Tawfeeq Christian, 16, said the sport requires strength and balance.

“We are a dedicated bunch who are passionate about the sport. Parkour is a skillful sport, and there are many times we fall and get hurt. But, like in life, we fall, but we get up and try the move or trick again.

“It is funny when people cringe when they see us in action, because we would do tricks on gravel, grass and sand,” he said.

Another member, Zunnoon Grobbelaar, 16, said they would like to participate in competitions and parkour programmes, but do not have any funding.

The crew does not have a coach and rely on tutorial videos and books.

“We have been training since January. We formed the crew because we wanted to learn from each other and at the same time challenge ourselves by competing. I think we are a talented bunch, but we do not have any funds to attend events and competitions.

“We are sometimes lucky to get transport to another practise venue, but then only a handful can go. We are appealing to anyone who can provide us with any donations or sponsorships,” Zunnoon appealed

Crew member Rowan Adr-iaanse,12, said he enjoys the sport as it keeps him fit and healthy.

“I am at the centre every day after school. It is fun and we wouldn’t trade any other sport for this. Parkour is like life – we try our best to overcome obstacles and try to get from point A to point B, so please help us in reaching our goals” he said with a smile.

If you can help the Tafelsig parkour crew, call Tashreeq on 074 952 6093.