Ouma Johanna celebrates 90th birthday

Ouma Johanna van Wyk turned 90 on Monday October 29.

Ouma Johanna van Wyk from Eastridge celebrated her 90th birthday on Monday October 29.

Her family spoiled her with a photo shoot and made her feel special.

“She is funny, tough and extremely smart,” said her youngest granddaughter, Rejeani Jacobs, 22.

“She still fills in crossword puzzles.

“In fact, she would count down the days to buy a Kuier or TV Plus magazine. Ouma loves 7de Laan and Muvhango.

“Believe it or not, the subtitles are probably her daily practice for reading. She reads every word aloud and definitely has arguments with the characters.”

The Van Wyk and Jacobs clan told the Plainsman they have known their Ouma to be very open, straightforward, heart-warming and the best cook. She also loves listening to music and dancing.

Rejeani said Ouma always boasts about how well she worked in her day, how she cleaned and cooked for a family she worked for.

She likes the house to be clean and neat at all times “as you never know when guests pitch up,” said Rejeani.

“Her home is our favourite place,” said Rejeani, adding that they spend most of their time at Ouma’s place.

“It’s always her place first, sometimes before work or campus but most of the time after work, campus and church,” said Rejeani.

Ouma is also blessed to share a birthday with her two great-grandchildren.

After Ouma remarried, she had seven children of which six are alive. She also has 14 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

When her family asked Ouma what she wanted for her birthday, she said: “Ek wil net al my kinders, kleinkinders en agterkleinkinders by my * ê.”