Ode to the Plainsman

Mogammed Azmie Salie, Portland

The Plainsman left an indelible impression for education and legacy

Has been the torch bearer where independent readers and community are concerned

A successful newspaper ultimately rests with the commitment and passion

For ordinary day-to-day tasks and worldwide distributions

We are thankful to your management and staff of your offices for delivery

A good service weekly for assisting in the growth of your readers

We all pray that you will sustain your commitment to not only educate ourselves but to the worldwide nation as a whole.

We look forward to assist you in the years to come

And express aspirations to get to know you better as time goes on.

Success is a small measure, but it shouldn’t give scant regards to these small steps which can become big strides.

The Plainsman has a tremendous wealth of special potential to all various nations

Petty politics should not sway us from our original objectives.

May your good work grow from strength to strength and remembered in all our prayers. Amen.