Neglected electrics spark safety concerns

Left: Eastridge residents Alma Jansen and Beaty Roberts are concerned about an electricity sub-station box.

Eastridge residents fear for the safety of their children, who play close to electricity sub-stations and lampposts.

Community worker Beatty Roberts called the Plainsman to see a newly installed electricity box at a sub-station on a field bordered by Leadwood and Mopanie Roads, in Eastridge, on Thursday January 19.

Ms Roberts said the box had been replaced on Wednesday January 18 after a City of Cape Town technician said that had it not been replaced, it would have caused a fire because it was sparking.

She called on residents to be vigilant and to report their concerns immediately to the council to nip any potential problems in the bud.

Similarly, a lamppost in Okapi Close in Eastridge, was vandalised and has been sparking for months, especially when it rains.

Residents living close by, have plugged the hole to protect children from playing there and getting hurt.

Resident Alma Jansen said children are curious and will go and investigate, which is not safe especially if live wires are sparking.

She is at a wits’ end because she has called for help several times but none has been forthcoming.

Venice Prinsloo and her husband Derick live in the house next to the lamppost, which they have reported to the City several times before, but nothing has been done to close the hole, from which the wire protrudes.

In addition to this the cover of the fire hydrant was removed more than a year ago. Residents say they have contacted the City of Cape Town about it but to no avail.

Ms Prinsloo had also fallen into an uncovered fire hydrant, injuring her leg. She subsequently closed the hole with a wooden board.

Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services and energy, said the City was investigating these complaints and would respond in due course.