Mystery surrounds Heinz Park murder


Sinalo Ntlemeza, 22, from Heinz Park was stabbed to death at her neighbour’s house on Wednesday May 25.

Ms Ntlemeza’s body was found by her 17-year-old brother Ntsika.

Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said the circumstances surrounding her death are unknown. No arrests have been made.

Ms Ntlemeza, who has a son, had been caring for her brother while her family is in the Eastern Cape. The Plainsman spoke to her aunt Zoleka Ntlemeza who said the family are sad and grieving their loss.

She said Sinalo had been a friendly young woman who loved singing.

“She will be missed. She was a lovely person with a friendly personality. Sinalo liked to sing and brought joy to those who met her,” she said.

Sinalo’s aunt added that she had last seen Sinalo a day before the incident as they live inthe same area.

“When we heard the news, we were shocked and couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Ward councillor for Ward 88, Michael Pat Pietersen said as soon as he heard about the incident, he met with the family and community leaders.

“My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family,” he said.

Mr Pietersen added that crime had increased over the past year in Heinz Park and residents were now fed up.

“Crime is out of control in Heinz Park and is becoming worse. Many community members feel that there is not enough police visibility in the area. The community has urged SAPS to step up to the plate and service our people. Thus far there have been three shootings in the area, all gang-related. I’m appealing to the community to stand together and report crime in the area. These criminals are from the community and we are being held hostage”.

Ms Ntlemeza’s funeral will take place on Saturday June 4 in the Eastern Cape.