Lots of pride in Littlewood

Littlewood Primary School Grade 3 pupil Kiara Payne has a jersey fitted with principal Max Vries.

An Eastridge school has earned success by reaching out to businesses and schools to ensure every pupil wears a school uniform.

Littlewood Primary School is due to receive R10 000 from ESI Attorneys’ corporate social investment (CSI) project towards school shoes, socks, trousers, shirts and jerseys later this week.

Another cheque of R5 000 will be used towards the school’s feeding scheme.

While only 290 pupils are funded to receive a meal at school, the school feeds up to double that number, which amounts to about a third of the 1 370 pupils at the no-fee school.

They also receive weekly donations from Blue Ribbon, which is distributed to needy pupils, whom teachers have identified.

Principal Max Vries said since he joined the school in 2019, he, the staff and the school governing body (SGB) had placed a concerted focus on driving school pride – and wearing a school uniform contributed greatly toward this.

“We are doing our part, which is rather limited without sponsorship,” he said.

While the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), covers the basics, Mr Vries is determined to increase the opportunities for pupils to excel.

Pictured from left are Grade 2 pupils Logan Cupido, Quanita Stevens and Mason Peters.

He said support came in different forms including a front load digger, which JJ Diaz Construction offered to have sand dunes flattened on the school grounds last year.

“They provided the digger and covered the costs to have it operational for a week,” he said.

Mr Dias said with the assistance of neighbours, parents and local businesses they could offer pupils a lot more.

Last week the school was a hive activity with soccer, cross country and netball being played on the premises.

“It was a sight to behold as the children and teachers were excited to be at school,” he said.

“Just because we’re a school in Eastridge does not mean we do not have pride. We are reaching out to give our pupils opportunities and ensure that every single pupil is taken care of,” he said.

The school was able to secure green school jerseys from the lost and found boxes of De Kuilen Primary School, in Kuils River, and Vredelust Primary School in Bellville.

Last week a group of Grade 7 pupils participated in the I am water Foundation, an ocean conservation programme – to help foster a community of conservationists in low-income communities.

The foundation believes that youth who spend time in nature experience healthy emotional development.

Mr Vries proudly announced that the pupils at the programme had been complimented on their good behaviour.