It took alockdown

Chelsea Goliath, Tafelsig

It took a lockdown to appreciate everything around town

From the gaatjie shouting “centre centre”

To Boetie next door booming his music centre

No more kids driving that irritating Shoprite plastic bike

There’s no one daring to take a hike down AZ Berman whenever they like

Now I hear sirens every hour

A policeman saying something about going home over a microphone

But I remember a time where I could only hear gunshots

And if no one got killed. Then everyone was chilled

Yet none told their kids to go inside

Because that is how kids get skilled

Gangster life gets drilled in their memory

And years later mothers stand at gravesides to bury their baby

Wondering where it all went wrong

Blaming rap songs

But do you really want to know where it all went wrong?

Even for the dude who writes that rap song

It’s when government protected your kids from an unseen virus

Told them to go inside until a vaccine arises

But no one closed the eyes of those kids who saw a HL laying in the street lifeless

The HL was Luke’s father

Luke hated the killer and followed the footsteps of his father

His best friend decided to join him coz they were like brothers

Before you know it a vaccine was found for the virus

But no one protects the eyes of a ghetto kid at high risk

And years later the shackles around his wrist

Becomes the next little boys angered fist

Mothers, Fathers, Government

There’s a bigger crisis than this virus

It’s more contagious

Spreads through generations

It enters your home even during isolation

The innocent blood cannot be removed through sanitation

I don’t know if there’s a proper vaccination

But you can start by paying attention

And not only when it affects the rich man’s flotation or mansion

May you treat us after this lockdown with the same urgency like you do with Covid-19 virus.