Home affairs closed for now

The Mitchell’s Plain Department of Home Affairs (DHA) office has been temporarily closed since Wednesday February 6.

The Beacon Valley office was found to be non-compliant in terms of occupational health and safety requirements. DHA contractors are on site to address issues, like the lack of fire escapes, raised by the Department of Labour and are hopeful that the office will be re-opened early next week.

The department’s provincial head Yusuf Simons said the floor space allows for a limited number of people to enter.

“The queue volumes are determined by the influx for the day. Collection of identity Smart cards as well as the elderly are prioritised in the morning,” he said.

Ms Simons said there were benches outside and inside the office where clients could sit while waiting.

He suggested citizens collect their documents early, as this is prioritised then the office doors open.

The DHA in collaboration with the Department of Public Works is in the process of procuring alternative accommodation as the current building is not responsive to service delivery demands.