Fishermen leave mess

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery,

This is an open letter to any person who takes a fishing rod and all the other items and foodstuffs to go spend a few hours alone or with other fellow fishermen to cast a line in the hope of catching fish.

Fishing from the shoreline is one of the most exciting hobbies I am proud to be a part of.

Here on our pristine beaches, especially where I fish at Broken Road, Strandfontein, I have met many fishermen, who share with each other the many fish-catching tips and fish-catching tales. We share our baits and, most of all, we look after each others safety and security.

Last Wednesday, I again went fishing at Broken Road, and as I walked onto the beach, I saw a disgusting sight: in one corner, were several empty beer bottles, plastic, paper and a half-torn damp R10 note with a blue bottle on
it lying on the white sand.

I just knew it was some people who came to fish, fellow fishermen, because in between this “morsige” scene was a bait box.

To those fishermen who left that dirt, please do not complain next time when you cast a line, and, instead of a fish, you pull ashore a plastic bag or if you have to rush to a hospital with your or a friend’s child who cut their bare feet on the glass from the bottles you left.

I want to propose that all shoreline fishermen get together with our families and do a clean-up.