First Jumu’ah at Beacon Valley school

Alpine Primary School held its first Jumu’ah, Friday congregational prayers, and distributed food, savouries and treats to their needy pupils last week.

Pictured, from left, are pupils Haneefah Kamaldien, Zainab Jones, her sister Zayaan, Saadiqah Jacobs and Zaiyaan Brenner.

The Beacon Valley school distributed up to 500 packages of food and pupils brought their prayer mats to perform their religious duty in the quad on Friday May 7.

Grade 2 pupil Khairah Orrie holds her food, savoury pack and gift from the school.

The weekly event includes a sermon, words of advice, salaah and du’ah between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

Teacher Thaabiet Abdul spoke to the pupils about respect and good character by narrating the story of a boy, who had one eye lived in a shack and was embarrassed by his mother coming to school by bringing his forgotten lunch.

The boy berated his mother, grew up and left the country.

His mother saved money over some years to visit him overseas but he did not acknowledge her.

He returns to a school reunion as a successful professional and goes to see what had become of the shack.

Mr Abdul said the neighbour said his mother had died and gave him a letter.

Pictured at the back, from left, are Alpine Primary School principal Natasha Pather, Adnaan Khatieb, Moosa Leak, Tasleem Abrahams, Esa Leak and Yaqoob Brenner. In front are teacher Thaabiet Abdul and parent Galiek Saville.

“In the letter his mother explains that the boy had run out into the road, when small, and his mother had given one of her eyes to him, so he may see the world better,” he said.

He implored pupils to treat their parents well and to ask for their pardon.

“The person who has good manners is better than the person who has knowledge,” he said.

Mr Abdul said it was important for the children to take heed and to know that their parents make sacrifices to ensure their well being.

Principal Natasha Pather said they decided to hold jumu’ah at the end of last term.

“We decided to give each out to our needy pupils a treat, in Ramdaan and amidst Covid-19 regulations we decided to host this historical event,” she said.

Pupil Imaad Saville renders the athaan.

Ms Pather said it was the first of many religious and traditional interactions.