Family want justice for Nadine

Nadine Esterhuizen from Portland.

Nadine Esterhuizen’s family and friends gathered for her funeral at the weekend following the bizarre ritual-style slaying of the former Plainsman Voice Search contestant.

■ Nadine Esterhuizen from Portland.

The 18-year-old was found lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen at her sister’s place in Colorado Park on Wednesday September 27.

At the scene was a cup of blood with strands of her hair in it. On the floor the word “sorry” was written with Nadine’s hair.

Police have arrested her friend, Corrine Jackson, 20, who appeared in the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court on a charge relating to murder on Monday October 2.

■ Suspect Corrine Jackson, 20.

She is due to appear for a formal bail application on Wednesday November 1.

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said police had found the teenager lying on the floor of a separate entrance at the back of the Keno Street house.

“She had sustained several stab wounds to her head and was declared dead on the scene by paramedics,” he said.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Nadine’s death and said despite other media reports suggesting a Satanic link, they had not reached that conclusion.

Nadine’s family spoke to the Plainsman but they are still reeling from what has happened and did not want their names used.

On the day of her death, they said, Nadine had slept at her sister’s place in Colorado Park. Her elder sister saw her alive for the last time shortly before she left for work.

“After 3pm, I messaged her to inform her that my fiancé was coming home but received no reply. I called her, but it was just ringing. The last message I received from her was at 3.47pm when she said ‘at the shop’, but something didn’t feel right. But not long after that my fiancé arrived home,” she said.

The fiancé had peered through a bathroom window after no one had answered the front door. He had seen two phones through the window, and realising Nadine was home, had returned to the front door.

Still getting no response, he had fetched a spare set of keys.

He had seen Nadine on the floor as he had opened the door and had contacted the emergency services.

When the police arrived they asked why the toilet door was locked and then broke it down.

The officers had then allegedly found Ms Jackson in the shower with a knife in her hand and arrested her.

Sitting in the dinning room of Nadine’s Portland home, where pictures of her hang on the walls, the family remembered her as a soft, forgiving teenager who had disliked conflict.

Her grandmother said Nadine had loved singing.

“She is very active in the church, involved in holiday clubs and loves children. She also enjoyed singing and even took part in a competition. Her smile and affectionate personality will be missed,” she said.

The family said they wanted justice for Nadine.