Election matters

Dennis George, general secretary, Federation of Unions of South Africa

The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) would like to thank all South Africans for the manner in which they conducted themselves during the 2016 local government elections.

Fedusa extends our congratulations to the winning parties as they celebrate their victories, however, it is important for all parties to focus on the mammoth task at hand.

Fedusa supports the notion of a responsive, accountable, effective and efficient developmental local government system as an inclusive platform to assist with the eradication of poverty and unemployment.

Local governments must work together with our communities to find sustainable approaches to meet the social, economic and material needs, and to improve the quality of lives of all.

Newly elected councillors must realise that they are the representatives of the entire community and it is important to strengthen the levels of trust to reduce the levels of protest actions.

The principles of participatory democracy demand that councillors involve citizens and communities in meaningful discussions about local government and developmental plans affecting people and communities.

The newly elected local government councillors should focus on functional water and sanitation services, connection to the electricity grid, regular removal of refuse and maintaining unqualified financial audits of all municipalities.

Local government could play a critical role to support township economic development and entrepreneurship, as an imperative source of job creation and SMME development and economic growth.

Local government must introduce urgent innovative measures to create a climate conductive for the development of small, medium and micro enterprises and entrepreneurial development.