Dressed like princesses

Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse women dressed as princesses, daughters of the King.

The women at Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse dressed in their royal best during a Women’s Day event at Beaconvale Community Frail Care Centre, in Beacon Valley, on Wednesday August 16.

Network administrator Maria Marthinus said they were all children of God.

“The Bible tells us we are children of God, adopted into His family, wanted and cherished. And that makes you a princess, the daughter of the King of all kings,” she said.

The princesses were treated to inspiring talks, activities and a scrumptious meal.

In prayer, Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse administrator Maria Marthinus, coordinator for court support Shahida Abrahams and participant Shirley Warner, from Beacon Valley.

Gadeja Kader, from Cravenby, Jennifer Noble and Myrtle Jack, both from Beacon Valley.