Creating a platform for talent

Salome Damon Johansen, originally from Lentegeur, now living in Parow

At the young age of 15, I performed for the first time at Mitchell’s Plain Primary School, singing Whitney Houston’s The greatest love of all.

Even though I was a shy, awkward girl at the time, the response I received cemented my ambition to become a singer. Lucky for me, I had the full support of my parents, which in those days was unheard of.

Can you imagine, your 15-year-old daughter singing in clubs? But they recognised how important it was for me to try to find my place in a very unforgiving and tough industry.

The first time I appeared in the Plainsman, was a milestone for me. For my parents it was a moment to behold, their young daughter from Mitchell’s Plain, appearing in the newspaper. I loved seeing their proud expressions and will cherish it forever.

The Plainsman continued to highlight my achievements over the years and helped to create that vital link between artists and fans.

Today, I would like to thank the Plainsman for celebrating that shy little girl 25 years ago and for giving me the platform that I so desperately needed.

I know that you will continue to bring news and opportunities to the poor families in our community that otherwise would have nothing.