Crackdown on traffic offenders


Mitchell’s Plain police are warning motorists not to park in front of the police station and to show how serious they are about clamping down on transgressors, in the past week alone, law enforcement and traffic services have issued fines totalling R20 000.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokes-person Lieutenant Ian Williams said there are four to six accidents in front of the police station every week “because people are disobeying traffic rules by parking in front of the gate of the police station and on the red line in front of the station and the court.

“The station commander in co-operation with law enforcement and traffic is ensuring that stiff traffic fines are being issued to offenders. We have already issued fines to the value of R20 000 in the past week alone in this vicinity. Even police vehicles have been fined in a bid to minimise casualties,” he said.

* In an unrelated incident, a tip-off from the community led to the arrest of a 44-year-old man by the Mitchell’s Plain Crime Prevention Unit. The man was arrested in Ledge Street ,Tafelsig on Saturday May 7, for being in possession of tik.

* A man, 26, was arrested for being in possession of a fake firearm and stolen property in Eastridge, on Friday May 6. Police say a man stopped officers in Katdoring Street, complaining that he had been robbed of his bicycle by gun-wielding men.

While driving, the police spotted a group of men on a field close to the Town Centre. Lieutenant Williams said one of the men then threw away an object that looked like a gun.

“When police stopped and investigated, they discovered an imitation firearm and a bicycle. We are calling for the complainant to make contact with the investigating officer as he did not give police his details when he informed them about the robbery,” he said.

Lieutenant Williams said the incident is alleged to have happened close to the bridge, near Spine Road High school. The investigating officer, Detective Constable Warrant Adams can be contacted at 078 440 0591 or 021 370 1762.

* A woman, 27, was arrested for being possession of 15 9mm rounds of ammunition, 14 packets of tik and two small packages of dagga in Renoster Crescent, Eastridge on Thursday May 5, at 9pm, by the Crime Prevention Unit.

* Two people were arrested in separate incidents for being in possession of tik in Kameel Street, Eastridge, and Rambler Street, Beacon Valley, on Saturday May 7.

* In Eastridge, a 28-year-old man was arrested for being in possession of 40 packets of tik and a 24-year-old woman arrested for being in possession of 20 packets of tik.

Lieutenant Williams said according to information received, the woman had been on her way to deliver drugs when she was spotted by police.