Couple share anniversary with the Plainsman

Neil Franklin, 59, and Barbara Franklin, 59, from Lentegeur have been married for 40 years.

Two people who share a birthday also share a special anniversary with the Plainsman.

Lentegeur couple, Neil and Barbara Franklin, both 59 and born on January 29 1960, recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

This year the Plainsman also celebrates its 40th anniversary, having served the community
of Mitchell’s Plain since shortly after the establishment of the

Ms Franklin lived in Constantia until 1972 when she and her family were forcibly removed under the Group Areas Act. They subsequently settled in Manenberg, where Mr Franklin also lived.

The couple have lived in Lentegeur for the past 39 years.

Recalling their early days, Mr Franklin said he and his wife had both travelled by bus from Manenberg to work and he “had his eye on her”.

“The first time I laid eyes on Barbara in the bus, I told my friends, this is going to be my wife one day,” Mr Franklin said.

“And on September 9 1979, that came to be. They have four children – Natasha Franklin, 39, Berelene van der Merwe, 34, Brandon Franklin, 32, and Nealisha Beste, 24.

“Our love for each other grows daily. We make sure we treat each other with respect. We go on many date nights.

“My husband loves cooking for me and we thoroughly enjoy
his food. We put God first and
we pray for each other,” said Ms Franklin.

And, they say, the Plainsman has always been a part of their lives.

“My wife loves looking at the specials, she loves to shop a lot. I love reading, I would relax with it and read the stories to keep myself busy. We would like to wish the Plainsman many more prosperous and successful years. May you all continue keeping Mitchell’s Plain covered,” said Mr Franklin.