Cops warn of con men

Mitchell’s Plain police are urging parents to warn their children about con men who pose as friends or representatives of businesses after two recent incidents in New Woodlands and Rocklands during which items were stolen and children tricked into going with the thieves.

Rocklands resident Chantal Sampson said two men came to her Concorde Street home with a white bakkie on Monday October 17. Ms Sampson said the men told her son, aged 13, and daughter, aged 19, they were due to pick up the TV for repairs.

“When they arrived at my place, they told my children they need to collect the TV. They mentioned my husband’s name and were very friendly. They took the TV, DVD, my husband’s takkies and my child’s school bag.

“Thereafter they told my children to get onto the bakkie because they were going to give them an XBox and 10 games. They then stopped in Tafelsig and dropped the children off. They said the children must wait on the road; they will return,” she said.

Ms Sampson said the children were dropped off in Katdoring Street where they waited for the men for two hours.

“The children were scared and decided to walk home. We are still shocked by the incident, because the children could have been hurt. I would like to warn other parents about these con men, these people are friendly and pretend to know your family members.

“The holiday season is coming up, parents please be vigilant and cautious,” she said.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson Captain Ian Williams confirmed the incident which occurred in Rocklands but said no arrests had yet been made.

“Parents need to teach their children not to open the doors to strangers. Let family members know in advance if arrangements have been made for a person to collect something from your home, teach them to always call you to verify,” he said.

Captain Williams suggested that parents teach their children safe or code words that only they know, which will help to serve as proof that you have sent them.

“Have an adult supervise younger children and contact details of a neighbour that can assist in the case of any crises at home,” he said.

New Woodlands resident Jolene Hudson said her two sons, aged 14 and 10, were tricked into giving three men their PlayStation 3, 13 games and two controllers in September.

She said the men, who drove a green Toyota Corolla, pretended they were her friends. They then took the items and tricked the 14-year-old into going with them. The men drove to a mechanic in Highlands Drive in Colorado Park and he was told to get out.

Lenteguer police spokesperson Cathy Meyer confirmed the incident, adding that no one had been arrested.