Complaint laid against ‘rude cops’

Wareldia Esau, from Lentegeur, points to where a suspect was arrested on her property.

A Lentegeur grandmother has laid a complaint against police officers who, she says, swore at her and endangered her life when they arrested a suspect who ran on to her property.

Wareldia Esau, 51, said one of the officers said to her: “Voetsek gaan maak a saak”, which is exactly what she did after witnessing him and his colleagues assaulting the suspect.

“This was unacceptable. They did it in my home and in front of my grandchildren,” she said.

At about 7.30am on Friday July 22 Ms Esau was called to her door because the police were on her property chasing a suspect.

They had gained access through her open garage and run up the platform to a partially built unit on her property.

Ms Esau had asked them to reprimand the suspect off her property but the police officer refused to leave, she said, and continued to engage with the suspect inside her garage.

“Our areas are infested with gangsters and now we had police in my house behaving like thugs,” she said.

When Ms Esau went to Lentegeur police station, she was directed to the Mitchell’s Plain cluster office because the officers involved in the arrest were not from the station.

Despite repeated requests for comment, SAPS had not responded to Plainsman’s questions by the time this story was published.