City’s water investigation comes up dry

The City of Cape Town picture of the object during investigation.

The City of Cape Town says what Eastridge residents thought was a tadpole that came out of a tap could instead be hair fibres.

The result of their investigation has left the residents perplexed.

Inshaad Rajaap said the “tadpole” was found at around 9.54pm on Sunday April 2, by her 17-year-old son, Imraan. She said he had poured a glass of water to find what appeared to be a tadpole swimming in his drinking water. He screamed in shock and informed his parents.

The Plainsman visited Ms Rajaap on Wednesday April 5 and saw the organism in the water(“Tadpole found swimming in top water”, Plainsman April 12).

“It is unbelievable, because the day we found it, it was still swimming. The only reason why I brought the media in was so that I could inform and warn residents about our water,” she said.

Ms Rajaap added that when the official visited her home he said that it could be a tail maggot.

However, according to Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services; and energy, a microscopic analysis of the water was done and it was found that there was no organism of any sort present.

Ms Limberg said: “The City commenced an investigation, including a visit to the household in Juniper Crescent to inspect the plumbing, obtain water samples, and collect the tadpole.”

She added that the City’s reticulation system is closed and highly pressurised and as such no living organisms should be able to get into the water.

“Furthermore, every water meter acts as a physical barrier. Water passes through a sieve before it enters the property. The hair-like fibres must have come from somewhere inside the house and collected inside the nozzle of the tap,” she said.

Ms Rajaap said she does not agree with the findings. “I would not put something in my water, and then contact the media, that’s ridiculous,” she said.

Any resident with concerns regarding the quality of their tap water should contact the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.